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Web development

Web development includes development of a web page or complex online shopping websites, education sites, business sites and various other kinds of portals. Becoming a developer you will develop and design the websites that ensure their enhanced performance by programming languages like HTML5, javascript, CSS3, PHP and mysql.

In the present time, every industry and organization needs web presence that has produced a large demand for qualified and skilled web developers. We offer a career program designed to equip you with the professional skills needed to secure the potential jobs or freelancing opportunities in the developing web industry. It trains you in the best industry practices for preparing dynamic websites, database design and programming.

Benefits of web development course

Choose our exciting web development training courses to learn development of stunning websites and pave a way to successful and high paying career.

Web development course includes:
  • Combined cloud based learning platform that enhances your learning experience
  • Training in using data analysis properties of MS Excel
  • Solve analytical issues using MS-excel tools
  • Database design for small to large business corporate
  • Conduct queries and produce reports using MS Access
  • Interactive design websites
  • Learn the power of modern media capabilities such as canvas, audio and video
  • Create and manipulate databases through MYSQL
  • Latest HTML5 structural, semantic and form tags practice
  • Develop website by implementing HTML5, MYSQL and PHP.
Why choose Web development course?

WICI offers a latest way for expertise in the web development for all students. We provide free access to the entire course related study material. Moreover, the students can participate in online community and interact with the industrial specialists round the clock. We provide the complete course in web development that is ideal for you if you want to create your own website but not aware of the skills to accomplish this task. We serve for both fresher and medium knowledge developers with our comprehensive, easily understandable course to improve your knowledge level in the web development tools and techniques.

Our advanced web development training institute provides immense opportunities to the students to learn the latest web development technologies. Every student gets his project to work upon and accomplish it within the assigned time. Our aim is not only to educate you in the development tools but also make you an industrial web development specialist by teaching you how to complete the projects on time.

After the course completion, the students can receive the diploma level education to improve the value of their CV and skill set. Also they get certification for the course completion. Once the course is completed, you get complete understanding on how to develop a website by implementing various objects.

We simply teach you everything you want to learn in the web development. We start from the basis of how a website works to across the web development concepts, how the internet and web browser work together and much more factors to produce a website. So get ready to take the full advantage of this lucrative course.

Future of web development course

The web developers get the highest paying opportunities in the reputed firms worldwide.

Web designers work in wide range of sectors including
  • Publishing and media
  • Design and web agencies
  • Government
  • Advertising
  • Corporate design teams
  • Internet start-ups
  • Freelance web design
Career Support
  • 100% job placement assistance
  • Industry interaction
  • Job fairs
  • Studio tours
  • Career seminars
  • Creative workshops

Training Schedule: Daily, Evening & Weekend Training Available
Training Location: Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi
Training Duration: 6 to 8 Months
Registration Fees: Rs. 250/-
Have a Question? Call: 011-26235343, 9540009504

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